Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What's Next on Today's Tarot Podcast (12)

Coming up next on the Today's Tarot Podcast:

Is the power of the sun shining it’s light in your life?

What judgments are you making about yourself and others?

Are you feeling on top of the world, or feeling like the world has taken you on?

Hi My name is Scott, host of the Today’s Tarot Podcast.

In my next episode I conclude my fool’s journey through the Major Arcana, covering these cards, and a few secret cards that are added in a few decks and that you may not have heard of.

My show can be found on I-Tunes under Today’s Tarot, or at forward slash TodaysTarot.

Don’t fear the tarot cards, learn them, love them and live them.

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Blogger The Oracle said...

Dude!! I found your site and I am excited to see that someone out there has some audio commentary on the Tarot Deck!! I just downloaded some of your files and have not heard them as of yet as I was so excited to see them I wanted to thank you for them up front!! I look forward to seeing the REST of the deck done once you complete the Majors!!

I will gfet back to you on your 'take' on the cards after I listen to them, but as for now... Thanks for your hard work and for posting it for all to HEAR!!!!


11:04 AM  

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